Is TestProject still being maintained?

It has been many months since any marketing or communications from this platform have been made and the last time the TestAgent was updated was roughly four months ago. No marketing especially is a bad sign that Tricentis does not want engineers to use the platform by spreading awareness of the tool.

Our team is wary of using the platform given such little communication has occurred all of a sudden. The decision to entirely pull support which was freely available up until 4 months ago comes as a shock to our team as the understanding is that this platform would be community driven and updated with time as per the roadmap presented in 2021. The openSDK, supposedly “opensource” is not dealing with the many pull requests that are currently open - hand over the project to a maintainer who will work through it.

Given that this support has now ended according to @asaf.saar would Tricentis not be open to fully open-sourcing the platform such that the community may drive changes with the Test Agents? Otherwise how can the platform claim to be a community driven project?

We have very few test cases currently and the platform seemed promising with the support that was shown up until four months ago we were just holding off on a decision. Lack of support and future updates informs our team that we should not use this tool. If Tricentis is trying to make users use their paid-for services, this has done anything but that. Knowing that a product or service can stop being developed or supported any time, paid or not, just isn’t something our development team is willing to work with and Tricentis has now shown this community that they are willing to do that.

My suggestion is that if Tricentis is adamant that this platform will not receive anymore updates going into the future then either Tricentis should entirely open-source the project or sell the platform to an organisation that is willing to properly update and maintain it for the betterment of the automation community.


I would like to add the following screenshots that are found on your home page.

Notice how the plaudits are for your superb customer support? How can you have this on your home page when this is no longer true?