Is TestProject good tool to start with

Hello, my company is looking for the tool for the automation. We have web based application, mobile and we want to include API testing as well. We need something that can be intgrated with Jira and easily integrated in CI?CD. We wonder if TestProject would be good solution? We thought about Selenium or Katalon as well, but trying to find free tool. Would you say that Test project is a good tool to start with? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Currently, Testproject doesn’t support integration with JIRA. However it does support CI/CD integration. I use it with Azure devops and Gitlab.

Indeed, Testproject is a good free tool to start for test automation for web based application and mobile. For API testing, I would say its OK if you want just simple response validation.

Thank you so much. Do you know if it supports parallel execution?

Yes it does, i can configure this in my job and also the number of worker in my agent

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Yes. It does support parallel execution on non-virtual agents. Refer :

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Thank you so much for the answers

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