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Is TestProject compatible with Net Core 3.1?

Hi I am new to TestProject I have existing Specflow tests written and using features available in Net Core 3.1.Just trying to load an example test but dlls seems limited to v2.1 File ‘c:\temp\tp\prd_api\testpackages\0g1padptn0mykxbacqbmoq\seleniumtestforea.dll’ is corrupted or uses an unsupported version of .Net core. Please re-build it using .NET core v2.1 and try again Is there anyway round this (other than downgrading to 2.1) Thanks

Hello @christophermurphy.

For uploading C# .dll’s we support only .NET core v2.1.

If you’re using the newer version of the C# SDK, you can integrate it with any existing project and reports will be generated automatically for you on the platform after local executions on your agent without a need to be uploaded to the platform, that way you could use any version of .NET you’d like.

@david.goichman Thanks for your speedy response.