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Is possible to reuse testcases/job choosing different app?

Hi. I got a couple of apps that share the same behavior. I need to launch the same testcase battery for each app. It’s possible to select the app before that? The testcases was recorded and I’m forced to choose one app at first.

It would not be a problem to have the apps loaded previously.


Hello and thanks for reaching out.

Yes, it is possible to change the app of your test after creating it.

You just need to edit the app from here:

You can duplicate the test and set each duplicate with a different app, and then place them in a job together to execute each one for each app separately.


Hi, thanks for answering!. I found this workaround too but it’s a mess due I have several testcases. If I want to modify something I need to update every test-app. Is it possible to use a parameter for an APP instance?


After you create a test using an app, that app is saved in the Applications of your project.
You can change that app for all the tests that use it through the the Applications tab.
All you need to is go there, find your app, and edit it by clicking the pencil icon, and changing the application.
This will affect all the tests that use it.

There is also a way to launch apps and activities during your test, you can see here:

If you set the package name and activity name as parameters you will be able to set them when starting your test as well.

Wow, that sounds well!! It seems what I need. Thanks for all. I’ll be trying this with adb.