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"Is not Present or Invisible" Action Not Working as Expected

Hi there,

I was looking to use the TestProject action “Is not Present or Invisible?”


My goal is to wait for the loading icon on the page to go no longer be visible/present. I thought by using this action and setting the adaptive wait that it would wait and as soon as the element is no longer visible, it would pass the step.

However, what is happening is it is waiting the entire time I have set for adaptive wait. So if I set Adaptive Wait to 90000ms for example, even if the element disappears after 10000ms, the step is still running and only completes and passes after the full 90000ms. Am I misunderstanding this Action or is there perhaps a bug here?




Hi, @hazel.egan_testproje,
It’s it’s how the logic is implemented. you can use a different logic like described in here:

You need to keep checking periodically if the element is no longer visible.
In the case above we waited for an element to become visible, so you need to change the logic to work the opposite way. for example wait for text to become empty string or count elements and wait for 0.