Is it possible to show 30.30 instead of 30.3 for a mathematical calculation result?


I am looking to do a test that involves checking that the calculation for the Closing Balance is correct:

Starting Balance: £10.10
Amount Received: £20.20
Closing Balance: £30.30

Using the Evaluate Mathematical Expression action, I’m doing:
StartingBalanceAmountNoCurrency (10.10) + AmountReceivedAmountNoCurrency (20.20)

For the Output, I’m getting 30.3.

But is there a way I can get 30.3 to show as 30.30?

@thomas.john i dont think you can do it with any of the add ons present in the platform right now. Maybe the best way is to create an add on yourself(we usually do that for such situations). OR, you can use the string functions to add the 0 to end(i know thats not the right way but still)