Is it possible to run web and mobile tests in the same job?

Hi TestProject team,

My current project requires running regression tests on both web and mobile applications. There are some workflows that require both web tests and mobile tests in combination to complete the flow.


  • Web user A creates a job and assigns that job to mobile user B.
  • Mobile user B opens the app and completes the assigned job. Then reports back to web user A.
  • Web user A reviews that reports and so so on.

With these kinds of workflows, we need to run both web and mobile tests in the same job in the correct order. But it seems like the platform only allows us to run tests for a specific platform like just mobile, or just web application. Is it possible to run web and mobile tests in the same job?

Meanwhile, we can run the combination of tests in our local. This only happens when running tests on the TestProject app.

Hope to see your feedback!

Thanks and respect your work.

Hello @PhungNK ,

+1 on this idea. I have the same use case.

  1. Corporate office does some actions on a desktop computer web-browser
  2. Technician in the field uses mobile app to receive these directions from corporate office
  3. Technician in the field on the mobile app does something on the app
  4. Corporate office views the information provided by the field technician on a web-browser

Only way I can think of to simulate this is to use the mobile browser for the corporate persona and the mobile app for the technician. In this way, perhaps we can do the full scenario on Test Project.

One point: We need to consider what are we testing in the UI that could be done with API? We might be able to use the API POST/PATCH in a way we can generate the data and data changes for the scenario without the need both web/mobile app together in the UI.

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Hi @staci ,

Yes, you’re right. We can use API to work around this situation. But I still prefer a possible way to run both web and mobile UI tests in the same job. You know, sometimes, we need to demo our work to clients who are not technical persons.

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