Is it possible to run the offline test with docker container?

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I have installed testproject and browser on Linux server using docker and wanted to if there is a possible way to execute a test or scheduled job in offline mode using docker container


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Hi @TestProject Team, can you please support here ?

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any suggestion or solution on above query ? Appreciate your time and efforts.


One way would be to use the testproject CLI. I am not sure if this is the right way, but maybe create a local repository of all the tests and then you can the CLI to run the tests in offline mode.

@naveen.a You can run those tests in offline mode merely by the help of CLI.

But come to Jobs , You can’t do it.
To overcome this issue, you need to combine all the tests under the specific job as a single test (nested).Thereafter download the package yaml file of whole combined test… Then you ready to go…


Hi @nithish.u appreciate your response. I will give a try. I have job which run on a schedule. is it possible to do it in offline mode ? creating schedule and running job/test periodically without manual trigger ?

and more often I see the cloud app is down or under maintenance. are you facing the same issue ?


Yes its happens often (maintenance) like weekly manner / two weeks once.
and for scheduling in offline,seems you seeking with me (trying)…but run its fine w/o manual intervention

But if we do it in this way, then how will you handle the failure of a test? The report will be messed up, wont in be?

no it doesn’t… you should try :handshake:

For scheduling offline, you can always use cron. Create a script for executing the test and then run it on a particular time using cron jobs.

We did try it out and it wasnt helping our requirement. But i guess it might be different from yours. So hope it helps

It may helpful

Can you test out a scenario when Test 2 fails? For us, only if we apply “Always pass” will it go to the next test on failure. Even using Continue test it does not run the next Test. But if always pass is enabled then we wont know the correct status without looking properly into the report

I didnt read this …my bad…you are right…but we should find the way

Yeah thats the problem unfortunately :frowning: We didnt need the CLI option until now because TestProject cloud was performing an outstanding job. But now with all the maintenance :confused: There is some documentation available for the CLI but nothing on the jobs part though


let you know my status

yeah, I am also thinking in switching to offline mode

Thank you for this info. However, how can we download the package yaml file of whole combined test? As of the moment, the only option I can see is Edit, Duplicate and Copy ID whenever I click the desired Job.

Make nested tests & do download as Main test

I tried to create tests and place it in a Job. Is this what you mean create nested test? If yes, there is no option to download the job and the only option is Edit, Duplicate and Copy ID. If you can give me much details on how to download the nested test that would be helpful to us. Thanks