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Is it possible to connect TestProject with AWS mobile Farm?

Is It possible to connect TestProject with AWS mobile Farm??

Hi @suneel.automation,

At the moment, it is possible to create instances in AWS, install the TestProject agent on them, and execute your tests/jobs on them. You can of course use emulators for Android. You can find more details in this article: https://blog.testproject.io/2019/02/07/setup-cloud-test-automation-lab-using-aws/

As for the AWS mobile farm, this integration should be availabe until the end of 2019.

Kind regards,


@amit.yahav We are past the end of 2019 already… is it possible to use the AWS mobile farm?

Or can I run a selenium server that connects to the device farm?

Hi @richard,

We do not have integration with AWS farm at the moment, but it’s on our road map currently and is scheduled for Q3-Q4 of 2020.