Is it possible to call a test case from another project


We have separate application for login, I have created a separate project for this.

Also in E2E scenario, we will be having a situation to interact with multiple projects so.

Or any work around to achieve?

Hi @Test,
It is possible to use an API request to call another test/job in another project.
However, note that there won’t be a combined report (each will have its own), and they won’t be executed in the same session but one after the other (or two different sessions if you are using the same agent for both with multiple workers).

The list of TestProjects available API requests can be found here:

We have this guide on how to use the RESTful API addon:

Here is some more info and a couple of videos:

Here is what’s in the addon itself:

Making API call doesn’t helps, applications are required to exchange data back and forth.

It will be a big mess if i create all the application recordings in single project project, any work around or best practices to keep my tests segregated?

You can copy a test from one project to another and then use it.