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Is it possible to add/assign a folder of tests to a job?

I can add individual tests to a job, but cant seem to add a folder of tests to the job.

Hi dbileck,

You can definitely do that!
Go to your folder and mark the first test that you want to add to your job. Then, hold the shift button and mark the last test you want to add to your job. It will mark all the tests between the first and the last test you choose. Then, simply drag and drop this grouped tests to the job.

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Thanks @amit.yahav. That definitely helps to add a bunch of tests at once, but how would I go about adding a folder of tests that may consist of several sub folders. I suppose the only way currently is to select each folder and manually add them?
Additionally, I would like to be able to assign a folder to a job so that if any new tests get added to the folder they are automatically run by the job. Is that possible?

Hi @dbileck,

Currently the only way to add tests that are inside nested folders, is to add it manually by navigating to the requested folder.

Your suggestion is actually a pretty good one!
I will definitely forward it to the R&D teams and discuss about it. Also, I’ll keep you updated.

Kind regards

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