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Is it possible to add all data of all test cases in same folder excel csv

Instead to use for each test cases an excel csv, I want to use one excel csv for all test cases, is it possible ?

thank you for help

Hi @Aze49,
You can create a single file that contains the parameters from all the test cases and then uses the same file for all of them, however, it might be a bit hard to manage as you would need to make sure you are not using the same parameter name twice, and you might end up with a very big CSV file.
It’s completely possible but might be harder to manage than simply having a CSV file per test.

Hi Amit ,
Indeed, I thought about that, it is not interesting to have a big file with several parameters.
It is not possible to mention each row of excel file the number of test cases and as we will use a single parameter for each test cases as:

Thank you for help