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iPad - expected element is missing when recording

When recording a test on my iPad using a native app, I get the following message during every recorded step: “expected element is missing”. Is there some obvious setting I’m neglecting to set or is this something else? Has anyone experienced this?

In the case your test was recorder on the different device or on different resolution, the elements locators might different resulting in the “expected element is missing” message. if you test is running it simply means the the Self healing AI / Automation assistant are trying to use more than 1 locator to continue the test, or that a previous step was skip due to automation flakiness or other factors it’s normal if you want to avoid this message you can do the following:

  1. Let the self healing fix this for you and allow changes if prompt.
  2. Manually add / change existing locators.
  3. Record the test again, this time on the iPad.
  4. Up execution time on test settings

You can find more information about automation flakiness and solutions here:

Hi Amit! Thanks for your reply! This is happening on every step when I record directly on the iPad (iPad is connected to mac book). It sounds like the resolution here is to just keep recording scripts until (eventually) all of the “self healing” AI mappings have covered every web element in my application under test. Is this correct? If this is the correct way to move forward, my issue is that this adds about a minute of AI correction time to each recorded step. Example: Recording a simple script of 5 steps will take over 5 minutes to record when waiting for the AI to fix each step. Painful but doable. Is this the best path forward?