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iOS Setup with my existing Team ID, CSR, Certificate and profiles

When I was trying to set up iOS setting, it is asking me to generate CSR and create a certificate with that CSR. But I already have Team ID, CSR, Certificate, and Profile which I created during my automation in My Mac. Can’t I use those existing things to upload in iOS settings instead of generating all new again? Any help is appreciated.

Hi Shiva,

Team ID will be same for Apple Developer program membership, but Certificate Signing Request is always unique for each and every host. We cannot use the existing CSR for this usage.


So, Do we need to create another certificate with CSR generated from TestProject and add this certificate to the wildcard profile we already have in the Apple Developer program membership?

Yes, but it is better to have a separate provisioning profile without disturbing exist profiles.

Actually I created a separate certificate and wildcard profile for TestProject but TestProject not allowing profiles to be uploaded. Getting “Couldn’t finalize upload Provisioning Profile” error

Please follow below link to troubleshoot.

Can't Upload the Provisioning Profile | TestProject Help Center.

Thanks, @Santosh.Yakkla - I did a fresh setup from the beginning and it worked.

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