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iOS full reset of application


We would like to do a full reset of our iOS application after each test, but currently we see that the behavior of the Reset App action is only restarting the app, so it is not a fullReset.

How can we force a full reset, or uninstall and reinstall the app again on each test run?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @kenny.demaertelaere,

if you are using an APK/IPA file as your AUT (App Under Test), then when assigning this test into a job, you have an option to reinstall your application before each execution.
You can use this example:

Kind regards,

Hello Amit,

Thanks for the quick response, we will try this out as soon as possible.

Have a nice day,


You are welcome @kenny.demaertelaere!
Let me know if you will need my help with that.