iOS - Field in the screen but not really. Impossible input

Hi, in a test script we have a field which is in the screen for 3 pixels or so. This means that when we “scroll to field” nothing happens, yet it is impossible to select the field and put text into it.

Is there a best practice for this?

Hello @andrea.maschio,
Are you able to find the element in the ‘EXPLORER’ tab?

What is the message you get when you use the ‘Scroll to element’ action?
Take a look at this sample photo:

Also, please make sure that the element is a ‘Textbox’, ‘type’ = ‘text’, and ‘tag name’ = ‘input’.

Hello @ran.ferdinaro

Thank you very much for your help.

The element is listed in the Explorer tab, with these attributes

Using the ‘Scroll to element’ action or the ‘Extended scroll to element’ action, we get this message:

Step 34
Swipe "Up" to CAP XCUIElementTypeTextField
The element was already in the DOM. Don't need to swipe to the element

As you can see, the element is a XCUIElementTypeTextField, like all the other elements we successfully manage to scroll to and fill with text.
Is there and action that allow to scroll an element to the center of the screen or similar?

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