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IOS doesn't always connect

I followed the tutorial and got the certificates etc and my phone is setup.

However, sometimes it would randomly lose connection during the test (the recorder is non responsive if I manually swipe on my phone). So I close the test, unplug my phone, and plug it back in. When I reopen the test it continues in a cycle ‘trying to load drivers’ and it doesn’t. What I do to fix is disconnect the phone. Re-run the agent on the computer. Open the test. THEN connect the phone, and this usually works. I find if the phone is connected sometimes before starting the agent then it won’t load when recording.

That’s one part of the issue. Now i’m trying to run a job, it’s a similiar issue. It’s got the job running but the app isn’t loading on my phone. When I click view phone it’s got the same messages as above, something like cannot load drivers re-trying. Phone is unlocked btw. Eventually I get this error message:

image (UDID blacked out)

I had only just installed new certificates last week, and this was happening probably after the second or third day. I suspect it’s just losing connectivity. I really don’t want to reinstall the certificates because it took me a long time (lol). But the fact that it does connect means that it’s not a certificate issue, it might be timing out or something between testproject driver/app running on the phone and the connection on the PC.