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iOS Device > Flutter App > 'Reset App' cmd does NOT clear cache and data?

Hey all - Hey TestProject Team :grin:

I have been wondering for a while why I observe a difference in behaviour of the recorded step: ‘Reset App’, when I execute the step on a Flutter app installed on an iOS device and on an Android device.

On Android, both the Flutter App Data and Cache are being removed smoothly and I get a clean sheet.
On iOS, the built-in ‘Reset app’ cmd, on the other hand, does NOT seem to do much else but restarting the Flutter app - neither the cache nor the app data is removed! Too bad!!

If anyone is observing a different behaviour on a Flutter-built iOS App, I am all ears?

If the TestProject Team can come up with a solution, I am even more ears? :grin:

The issue is really annoying me, as I have to make a stupid workaround to make sure the app is properly cleared from session to session, where a simple step of: ‘Reset app’ should be all I needed.


tbh @tf1 this is more of an iOS issue, android allows you to interact with the app’s data, where as in iOS app’s are effectively sanboxed.
You can either jailbreak the app then can use various tools to hose the “app data” or you can use TP to uninstall and install the app ( is an annoying work around but does the job for me)

Thanks, Tom :slight_smile:

I just wondered if anybody else made same experienced that the “Reset app” cmd on iOS (Flutter) apps actually did NOT clear cache and app data?

I conclude it doesn’t :frowning:

It’s a pity since we tend to keep all our tests self-contained, so all or most tests are initiated from a ‘clean sheet’ with a reset app + log in. Having to reinstall the app each and every time is rather ineffective and time-consuming.

  • Anyone from the “Test Project board”? :slight_smile:

PS There is a manual way of clearing cache/app data on iOS, but it requires our app to be listed amongst other installed apps, but it doesn’t show up in the list. Any suggestions as to why not?