iOS 15.6 issue and "Display device screen failed"

There have been multiple threads on the same topic.

We did a little digging and noticed when viewing the logs from the command line and connecting to the device there is an error “failed to enable developer mode”

iOS 15.6, I do not see Developer mode under Settings as in previous versions. This looks like a new agent is needed to handle this.

@asaf.saar not sure who to forward this to but any response would be helpful at least to know that it is being looked at or will be.

I have the same issue when launching the virtual device

Still getting the same issue, getting this issue after updating the iOS version to 15.6, please look into it

Hi Guys,
I was able to fix this problem by following the steps.

  1. Enable developer mode on iOS
    Apple Developer Documentation
    How To Turn ON Developer Mode on iPhone or iPad! [Developer Options] - YouTube
  2. Enable UI Automation option on Developer mode.
  3. Then connect your iPhone to your Mac
  4. Try the view device now, it should be working

It works for me on my iphone.

This Looks to be working for me as well. I removed the agent from the device and it was installed when attempting to view the device. This is good news that things are still being fixed. May take longer as posted but good news.

working, Appreciate for the support !

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