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iOS 15.0.2 devices seem to autolock screen when starting a test run randomly

I’ve noticed that my 2 iOS 15.0.2 device seem to lock their screens randomly.
This seems to occur when TP agent is initialising with the TP app on the device, often the case it seems to uninstall the TP app, then as part of the installing process it seems to lock / power off the screen (both devices have lock screen set to never and never did this on iOS 14.x

Has anyone else experienced this?, for TP support is there anything I get you like Logs to create a ticket?

So I noticed further details seems to be after abotu a 24 hour period the app uninstalls it self,
Ive removed passcode, made sure usb accessories is enabled not sure what else can be done beyond TP help

Hi @tsalisbury,
Thanks for the information we will investigate this and post here once we find the root cause.

Hi @tsalisbury,
Please try the suggested below,

Let me know if that fixed your issue, if not please try to update to 15.1.

Thanks @Amit.Lacher already trying as saw post earlier and keeping eye on my automation from my side.
Can you also pass my thanks to your team, your all champions

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Sure @tsalisbury will definitely do,
We appreciate you being an active member and your support to the community!
So we have given you a badge to show that.
Feel free to reach out anytime :smiley:

Hi @Amit.Lacher ,

I tried my iOS 15.1 (iPad air 2020) device unfortunatley im still getting same issue ( logs link )
My iOS 15.0.2 (iphones) seem okay but giving it time to see if reoccurs

Hi @tsalisbury,
Can you please remove the TestProject app which is already installed on the device and then try again?

@Amit.Lacher Success ( really wish I thought of that :man_facepalming:)

Great :smiley:
Let me know if you have any other questions.