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Inviting users with own account is not possible?

In our team members have accounts for experimenting and building “private” tests.
Now I wanted to invite them to our team project space. Therefore we wanted to
use the same email address as was used for the private accounts. But this seems
not to be possible? Is there a solution for this without using another/new email address?



Hi Ulrich, there are several solutions for that.

  1. deleting experimental accounts will “free” the email address
  2. if the experimental accounts are valuable, you can invite another user to them by using private/other email, then sending email to support@testproject.io asking to switch ownership to the invited user. then deleting the original email
  3. use another emails or prefixes test+1@gmail.com

hope it make sense

Hi Mark,

thank you for your fast response. Seems our idea does not work.
In the end it’s logical if the mail is the unique identifier for an account.

Might be some day there is a solution that gives the possiblity to
invite guests as coworkers to a project basing on existing accounts.

Until then we will use one of the other approaches.



It will be possible later this year probably during Q4/2020, now the users should be invited as part of the same account to collaborate.

by the way as an account owner you can manage users permissions within the account , so users will have access to the relevant projects only, same works for API keys.