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Integration with Testrail

Hi ,

I would like to direct integration with testrail management tool. I had request long time back. is there any plan in comings day ?


Would be interested in this one as well.
Has anyone used TestRail with TestProject?

Hi ,

Did integration of testproject.io with testrail.

You can use docker to run your testcases. Integrate that with jenkins . Write script in any language using testrail.py available .

Or Download cases as generate code file and then you integrate and execute.

Our company is also using TestRail, it would be beneficial if there was a simple integration with TestProject.


Directly integration is not possible. You need to use API and write code . Run Job from jenkins.

Testrail python code is available.
This is the API which will give you latest execution report-
url = ‘https://api.testproject.io/v2/projects/’ + project_id + ‘/jobs/’ + job_id + ‘/reports/latest?details=true&format=TestProject’

Also keep test project testcase name same as testcase ID of testrail. So it will get mapped.