Integration with Gitlab

I can see Github as an option for Git Integration. Is there any scope for a Gitlab integration as well or has someone found a hack around to use Gitlab with TestProject ?

Hi @somshree.mukherjee, no GitLab integration is planned.

@eldar That’s unfortunate. But I am confused because the testproject website shows Gitlab in their framework :-/

It is there because you can use GitLab CI with our API to add TestProject automation into your pipeline.


If its okay for you to use APIs and trigger the tests on the cloud, then using APIs would be an easy way for test execution if your development pipeline is in Gitlab. We do a similar approach in our pipelines in Gitlab as well as Azure DevOps.

But if you still want your test scripts on these CI/CD tools, then (correct me if I am wrong) you can download them and sync them to these tools and trigger the tests using CLI

But would be much nicer if I could sync the recorded tests to Gitlab from the beginning, considering it is possible to change test elements, steps and even add more steps to a recorded test. That seems like a version control problem to me :slight_smile:
The CI/CD comes later once we have a repository of reliable tests, but for now my major concern is to keep track of the changes, preferably in the same tool that we would use for CI/CD later

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