Integration with github enterprise

Hi All,
We have our github enterprise ( I want to integrate testproject with github enterprise. I have followed the steps mentioned at however I encounter below error.

Can someone please guide me to integrate github enterprise with testproject?


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Hi @ravi_kakadia and welcome to our community :slight_smile:
I just did it and it works well for me, please note that you put the right credentials in the integration:

  1. If your integration is from your organization GitHub account so put the organization name, and if it is from you personal account put your username account:

Please let me know if you managed.

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Hi Alex,
Thanks for the warm welcome to the community :slight_smile:
I have given my organization name and still I am not able to integrate. I see the same error.
In the Organization Name should I put one of the below:
or my company name?

we access github using and not using

Hi @ravi_kakadia ,
Yes, you should put one of the organization names below, I would suggest you to try them all because I do not have the information to know which one of them is correct.

Let me know if you are still running this issue after trying all the organization names, (one of them should be correct) :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,
I got this reply from Testproject support -
"Hello Ravi, thanks for reaching out.

We currently don’t support integration between TestProject and local GitHub repositories.

But, if it helps you, we do support integration with cloud-based GitHub"

I think that reply closing this thread. Thanks for your response and help Alex.

Hi ,I am also curious about the Github integration.
I want to know does Test Project also support private Github repositories or is it only public.
And if you do support private github account, must the owner or admin give permission for it to be accessed?