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Integration of autotesting on the TestProject platform in Gitlab

Hello community TestProject
Our mobile app development team is already using the Gitlab tool for the continuous integration process. Previously, only manual testing was used. As a tester, I want to set myself the task of starting the autotesting process. I figured out the TestProject, wrote autotests, more than 50% of the application’s functionality, and now I can’t find how to integrate all this into the pipeline of the continuous integration process Gitlab.
The management set a task to find a way for autotests to start automatically after the developer releases a new version of the application and the report comes to the email.
Please help me find a solution and examples with step-by-step actions, how to run the autotests written in the TestProject in the pipeline on Gitlab.
p. from. after searching, I realized that there is no direct integration with Gitlab, but the hope for the help of the TestProject community remained :slight_smile:

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I think you can easily use the APIs mentioned in the integration section of testpeoject and use those curl commands to trigger them via the yaml file if you don’t find any other alternative


HI, thanks for the answer.
We discussed your answer with the team, but so far we do not have an understanding of how, without involving a developer, it is possible to implement the launch of autotest tasks after the release of a new version of the application in the Gitlab pipeline. Considering the possibilities of integrating Jenkins with Gitlab. Or do you think that using api testproject is the best solution? Can you share your experience? Thanks.


As said previously, I guess the best way is to use TP Api:

  • You can create a job with all your tests
  • then use this call TestProject API v2 to trigger the job

This call can be done through curl command that you can easily add to your yaml.

You can also download the code source for every test within a project and just run regarding the language you’ll choose

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and if the autotests are performed without errors, is it possible to get a response from the testproject to the gitlab to start the deployment process and release the application version?


Sorry for such a late response. Yes you can do get the job result using testproject apis as well and depending on the result you can easily trigger the next stage .

You can use TestProject API v2 to get the execution result, parse it and then depending upon the job status, move on to the next stage in the yaml. Hope this helps

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