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Integration between mobile + web automation within single script

Is there any provision wherein we can record and execute ios and web automation together within single script?
My project requires native iOS application to be tested on iPad followed by some testing on web browser for same script.

Hello @rkhanna
You can either write a script in python for example which uses this endpoint: https://api.testproject.io/docs/v2/#/Jobs/Jobs_RunJobAsync
Where you can sync the job executions.
You can also run a POST command to run the Web test from the mobile test as well using the Restful API addon:
You just need to make sure you run the Web test on a different agent as the current agent will be busy executing the Mobile test.

Thanks @ran.tzur for the reply.
I don’t see any example where-in I can integrate mobile and web testing together using TestProject.
My requirement is “Do something on my iOS native app”, save a text at the end of my script.
Login to my Web App(Chrome/Safari Browser on Mac/Windows machine) use the saved text and validate in my Web App whether same is listed there or not?

I am still exploring this tool whether it will be fit for my organisation or not. Please help me to understand whether this is possible or not using TestProject. If yes, then how can I leverage this feature?

You can simply use Project parameters for that.
Consider them as global variables.

You can have your Mobile test do some operations, then save the result in a Project Parameter.
Once the test is done, you can then run the Web test and use that project parameter, it will have the value from the previously executed mobile test.

Thanks @ran.tzur
It worked for me.