Install Agent inside GitHub Actions

I am trying to run TestProject inside of Github actions. I need to install the agent inside of the Linux VM, but cannot find a way to download inside of it. Is there a link that I can use?

Hello @quadmx08
You can use Docker for CI tools like Github actions.
Here is an example

Thank you so much for the quick reply!!

I already have a TP_DEV_TOKEN, where do I get a TP_API_KEY?

Hi again @quadmx08.

You can head to Integrations -> API-> Create API key.

This was great help. :pray: Thank you so much for helping me get started.

I now have another issue. It was running just fine for a day or so then stopped. I keep getting Agent failed to register. Terminating...

I did start by raising the max_attempts to 100.

I found it :clap:. I had tried to give GitHub a consistent alias, which worked for the first time. Subsequent runs were failing and I completely overlooked this error message.