Insider Torture Strategy - Tricentis downfall

I think its time we accept the fact that there is a huge insider job to make sure Testproject goes into maintience on a regular basis so as to make sure users get frustrated and move to other Tricentis products. But it is on us to make sure it doesn’t happen. It is on us to make sure that TP gets the respect it deserves and find better alternatives which aren’t Tricentis related, because what they did to TP is not just unprofessional but outright recklessness and hazardous as they know there are a lot of Testers who have been depending on it for their Automation Needs. I dont think it was a mistake on our part as it was too good a tool.

Tricentis has put their name in the market as the most unprofessional, unworthy business. The word should travel for they have made a lot of Testers suffer.


Yes, this is one of the reasons Testim isn’t an option for us. Fact that it is also a Tricentis tool is a huge no-no

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Yeah, the treatment TestProject has received has pretty much confirmed it for me that Tricentis has no respect whatsoever for their actual users.

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TP is becoming a nightmare for every tester. In 15 years of my career, I have never seen a tool used across the globe performing this badly. Surprisingly not a single word from Tricentis.

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Gosh, so that’s what “free forever” means! Either forever is a whole lot shorter than I imagined, or “free forever” really means “free forever…maintained NEVER!” Very disappointing, but predicted. We started moving toward another vendor and automation platform months ago. I hate being right!

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Yes. Testproject was working perfectly fine for many years. We are not asking for new features, we are just asking that the daily downtime be fixed. It must be obvious from the logs what the issues are to Tricentis. Yet, they are making the entire testing community suffer on a daily basis, in the hope that we transition to Tricentis TestIM or Tosca.

It would be great if Tricentis can just provide a paid option for TestProject so the daily outages can go away.