Initial landing page when testing in IOS

Pretty new in mobile testing as well as in using TestProject. currently running a mobile web testing in ios real device but noticed that there is an initial landing page (about Appium) before it access the AUT.
Wanted to remove it as it adds up to execution time of the test. can someone point me to a thread/documents /discussions on how to do this?

thanks in advance!


@Seira20 In iOS TP needs to launch the TestProject App to act as man in middle to take the appium commands and run them at AUT.
Im assuming this is what your seeing so you cant remove it as is required for TP to action your commands from your test

@tsalisbury i’m not actually referring to TP app, but rather the first page it opens once we run in IOS. what exactly happening is when executing the test, it will open up a safari browser, then opens up website first then goes to the AUT after that. opening up the website is what i’m trying to remove.

@Seira20 Do you know if you have any additional appium settings changed?.

are you able to share or detail the steps of the test?

i dont think i changed any appium setting. its all default I believe. Created the test using record in TestProject with the steps as simple as follows:

  1. Delete all cookies
  2. Navigate to

i also did not encounter this when I run the same test in android devices .
attaching a screenshot of the initial page that opens up when running in IOS

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