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information security and use

In my company we are evaluating the possibility of using testproject, however I have some questions that I need to fill out

¿The application has the option to set parameters for password management?
¿The application has secure communication protocols (tls1.2)?
¿The application has the possibility to store event logs (audit logs). Detail log types in comments.?
¿The application is open source (anyone has the possibility to make modifications to the application)?
In case of the SaaS model, the application offers contingency sites.

I appreciate if you can provide information in Spanish as well. Thanks.


  1. TestProject entire data is safely stored in an encrypted S3 environment.
    In addition TestProject has the ability to add additional encryption layer with the “Secret Parameters” feature this is recommended if using sensitive data. learn more here.
  2. You can learn about TestProject security and protocols used here:
  1. Currently there is no audit logs available, however you can utilize our built-in integration and version control via Github, find more about it here:
  1. TestProject agent is a free commercial software more here, and our openSDK is open source.

  2. Regarding data, everything is secured and encrypted on AWS S3 environment you can always save everything on github or locally as a second backup to ensure even more sites.

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach us out at support@testproject.io