Information on scheduled maintenance of TestProject

I experienced an outage of last week. I am not sure whether it was a scheduled maintenance or an unplanned system issue.

In case TestProject normally has planned or scheduled maintenance, may I know where can I find the schedule information? So that my side can plan accordingly and adjust my testing schedule.

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Hi @pohsoon.lee,

Apologies for the inconvenience this outage has caused you.

We always do our best to notify users ahead of time of any scheduled maintenance, and we do so over a dedicated email (soon we will also have a dedicated status page available to follow). In this case you’ve experienced, it was not a planned occurrence, and we are doing our best to prevent such an inconvenience from happening again.

We are currently going through a significant infrastructure upgrade to provide the best possible experience for our TestProject community, and are doing everything we can to mitigate such unplanned issues.

We appreciate your patience and understanding :slight_smile:


Hi @Karen.Teboulle, noted and much thanks for your reply and information.

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