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Incognito Mode - Automation

We are unable to capture the username and password as the credentials we entered
is not getting recorded even if start recording clicked before entering credentials,
The recording happening only after entering credentials. So when we run the test
browser asks to provide credentials, Please help to overcome this scenario.

Hi @rajendrann132,
You can use basic authentication addon as explained below.

Please try the following:

  1. Create a step called Navigate to URL with Basic Auth.
  2. Put that step as your first step in the test.
  3. Edit the test and navigate to a different URL like google, let the step navigate to the URL with the auth.

Disable the step which does the normal navigation.

Edit the test to navigate to google for example:

If that doesn’t work you can use the Robot Operation addon.
This should help you perform the following:

  • Type user name.
  • Press Tab.
  • Type password.
  • Press enter.

Let me know if you managed :slight_smile:

Hii Amit,
We tried the options you provided in cloud and file modes without success please help us at the earliest.


Hi @rajendrann132,
Can you please provide an application URL so we can produce this locally?
If it’s not possible, please contact our support channel on our live chat:

Or on our support mail support@testproject.io

Hii Amit,
I tried through chat box but i did’t get anything, can you plz arrange meeting ?

Hi @rajendrann132,
Sure I we will contact you shortly.
In the meantime can you please try to follow this guide to setup a Chrome profile, on your job executions?
It should allow you to skip the verification completely.
Here is how you can do it: