inaccurate failed step is displayed in the report


i encountered an issue yesterday when running one of my script. i checked the report and see what steps has failed the test. i keep debugging why it is failing, furthermore when during execution i can see that the test is perfectly being executed. That’s when i noticed that the failed step indicated in the report is not really the one having an issue, but rather the step after it. is there a reason for the report to display inaccurate failed step?

btw, after correcting the issue (element locator), my script already runs and completed the test without issue.


Hi @Seira20 ,

What is the error message that you got in the report?

Hi Alex,

Unfortunately i already deleted the report that has that error. but as far as i remember, the error message being thrown are timeout exception / element not found.


I assume the issue comes from the locators of the element, but I cannot be sure because I will have to check your report first.
If you could reproduce the test and share a screenshot of the report, it would be helpful.