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Improved UX for jobs


I would like to suggest an improvement for the jobs view.

Problem: if you create several jobs, each containing more than 10 tests, it is very difficult to get an overview of the tests contained in one job.
It is also problematic when you want to respect a certain test order, to add new tests to the job via drag and drop, without interferring with the already existing ones.


  • enable a detail view of each indiviual job which would show tests without so much scrolling needed
  • allow in this view to search and add tests
  • enable easy sorting of tests in this view and also of marking one given succession as “final”
  • enable the creation of data sources allocated per job in this detail view and not only globally per project. Ideally, you could mark in the Project tests folder a test as needing a data source so that it is flagged as such when added to a job.

Hello, thank you for your suggestions.
We will indeed take this into consideration to make the user experience more pleasant and efficient.