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Improve responsiveness of site in mobile’s browsers

Not sure how TestProject site is in Android devices, but in iOS i experience some issues related to the site’s responsiveness.

For example, i cannot scroll to the whole page in some cases or i have issues seeing what i typed eg in some test cases as the edit container goes out of my screen and it is not fully visible.

To fix those issues with a workaround, i usually rotate my phone 1-2 times and try to scroll again. I have tried both Chrome and Safari apps.

So if this could be fixed it could help a lot. Not using the mobile version to write scripts of course, it is just for quick small changes in the scripts mainly and checking the failed reports.

Thank you.

Hello @marialena93s
Indeed the UX over mobile can be improved and we are planning to improve it in the future.
Thank you for reporting this.

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