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Importing Code Tests


I am currently trying to create a new test using the TestProject interface.

I have created a new Java Maven project and added the TestProject Dependency item in the pom file.

io.testproject java-sdk 0.64.4-RELEASE

I am able to execute the test and see the results show up in the TestProject interface.

I would like to import this project as a new Code Test, but I keep getting the following errors:

Can someone point me in the right direction?


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Hey @krishin.pillay, thanks for reaching out.

you are using TestProject openSDK v2 which allows you to run your test locally and getting the reports automatically to the TestProject platform, so you dont have to upload it to TestProject platform.

uploading coded tests to TestProject platform is supported for TestProject SDK v1
(you can download it over here: https://app.testproject.io/#/integrations/develop-addon),
here is a step by step guide on how to upload a coded test to TestProject platform:

Thank you so much for the clarification!