Important TestProject update

Hi @danielz. Migration is a manual effort. If you’re interested in porting your TestProject test cases to Testim and would like more information on our professional services, please complete this request form.

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I agree. Such a great tool. When it’s good to be true, it probably is…

Where is Visual Studio would we do this?

Is it possible to convert the recorded tests through
TestProject’s recorder (not OpenSDK) straight into selenium C# code for Visual Studio?

What I am reading is… founders were capable of making the amazing TestProject available as a free product for nearly 8 years. And in just two years of meddling Tricentis has made it so expensive to maintain that they can no longer honor the promise of “Free Test Automation for All”.

Thanks a lot Tricentis. First you ruined qTrace and now TestProject.

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Hi Guys, i have some doubts, It would be great appreciation if some one reply

  1. Will the Test project mobile app code be compatible with Tricentis Tosca?
  2. Is Tricentis Tosca for mobile app free or charged?

Thanks in advance.

Testim will soon offer Native Mobile testing, read here more:

Hi all,

I am also using testProject from the past 2 years and it is a great tool. It is sad that this tool is discontinued by Tricentis. I tried Testim the community free version to check how we can migrate our TestProject scripts to new tool but i cant see any option in Testim that can do this. Please help me if there is a way to use the C#, Javacode from TestProject to Testim.


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@mav_turner , If you are the incharge, Can you put some pricing for Testproject. We understand your strategy to see no company ever gives a free offering but, There are many small start-ups which need faster automation testing which was the exact target for TestProject.
We can maybe pay some amount and you can keep TestProject alive.

Hi @sharpat8. There is no way to import tests from TestProject into Testim, the reason is that we wouldn’t be able to leverage Testim’s powerful AI (dynamic/smart locators). We suggest using re-usable components (we call them groups in Testim), it’s very easy to create shared groups which can be shared amongst new and any existing tests. An example would be to create a group for any common flows like login and logout. More details can be found here. Using groups in Testim along with “auto record” allows you to easily add groups to new/existing tests. This will allow you to create tests even faster, most customers can increase their authoring of tests by 90% using Testim because of these capabilities.

Hi @sampath.krishna,
We have no plans to create a paid version of TestProject. We have a Community and paid edition of Testim to address market needs and this is where we will continue to invest and grow.

You make a good point Mathias. It’s good to go backwards and do things the hard way. I have for a long time thought it would be good for us to stop driving cars and go back to horse-drawn carriages like the Amish. Or stop using electricity and go back to using candles and kerosine lamps (I so do miss using potbelly stoves and open fires for cooking). Another good idea would be to abandon the use of plumbing and go back to carrying water from a well using buckets (outhouses to relieve oneself is the best character building exercise one can experience). So yes, let’s thank Tricentis for making us go backwards and use products that don’t support much of what TP has supported (e.g. mobile automation). I’m sure we’ll all enjoy building and maintaining our selenium and appium scripts from scratch constantly keeping up with frequent changes our engineering colleagues develop that will break our automation almost every time.


You can try ACCELQ mobile, Additional info here- ACCELQ Automate Mobile - Codeless Test Automation Platform for mobile testing

Hi, you can easily migrate tests to ACCELQ… more details here- Migration to ACCELQ Platform