Important TestProject update

TestProject will no longer be available after March 31, 2023. Please read our blog post for more information:


Worst news ever! I have been a huge fan of Test Project and constantly recommend it to people. This is a very sad day to get this news.


Is it possible to export and import the existing TestProject tests we have already built somewhere else. Does TestIM allow that or what other options are there?


Lesson learned never trust freeware from multibillion dollar companies, unless it’s just an open source library.

It was already shady that they had you have an api key to use their open source SDK.


This is what I’m trying to figure out too, you’d think they’d make it bloody clear whether or not this is the case and make it super easy for users to transition? I’m happy to pay for a product, but if I have to start all over I’d much rather find an alternative solution than give these pigs my money


Long ago there use to be a simple saying businesses use to follow that typically lead to success, ‘give the people what they want.’ Like most things, there are a few actors who ruin it for everyone. For the longest time this community has championed this product and even offered to pay subscriptions to see it get better. For years I trained colleagues on using this tool and introducing it to other departments. Now I have to tell them all that all they learned is in vain because it’s going to be discontinued. Testim just doesn’t look or feel as intuitive as working with TP. It’s astounding that Tricentis didn’t look to gradually commercialize TP or integrate it’s features into their existing product(s). Then again, a lot of tech leadership have been making many boneheaded decisions this year so TP must have been among the mass layoffs. Well, I hope it finds another job and can get back into the market.


Finally, an official statement about what has been known in the forums for the last year! :smiley:

For those who haven’t switched to alternatives during the past year, take this as a story, a lesson you can share in the future. When you see the words “we’re not developing new features, just maintaining the product” → you don’t start prayers, you start looking for running shoes. Then you do a well planned Run.

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Hi @petar. Thank you for your interest in TestProject. Please see our latest blog post for more information:

I was using TestProject for mobile testing and Testim does not support mobile testing as far as I can tell. Any suggestions on where to go?

@Tricentis The blog post is not very detailed on the migration process and if this is automated or manual effort. Perhaps you could post something with some prescriptive guidance and actual effort level to migrate to one of these other offerings.


Wow! This is really quick end of support time line. Seeing as how many organizations have invested a great deal of time an energy into building automation on this platform it makes it very hard to trust Tricentis going forward.

Can @mav_turner or @Tricentis provide any guidance on what the effort level is to migrate to one of the other offerings mentioned in the blog post? Can this be automated or is this a manual effort? Also since you have essentially hung many organizations out to dry on this, have you thought about maybe releasing the Test Project server, agent code and all extensions on Git Hub as well as providing some details on how existing tests can be run and maintained locally so all your users do not loose all the invested effort they have put into building on this platform?


@Tricentis - thank you so I still have the same question if we wanted to migrate our Tests to TestIM, how can that be done? Do we need to export the Tests into a specific format or do you offer Import existing tests from Test Project in TestIM? Is there a guide on how to do that migration from to TestIM?

How disappointing… y’all should open source this fine product because I don’t believe Testim will live up to the hype. My team already moved onto Cypress, but this decision and news should have been let out as soon as we all speculated that the push was to move to one of your “other” products.

That’s a very sad news.

Is there a way to keep things working when using appium to communicate?

I’m using Windows to run tests on Android/iOS.

Android is OK, but running iOS tests on Windows machine was the tricky part for me and testproject made it flawlessly.

Like Greg said, is it possible to mantain it locally?

Hi @sboehm. Thank you for your interest in TestProject. While the TestProject journey is coming to an end, its key features and technology are also available in the more robust test automation products Tricentis Tosca and Tricentis Testim, including enhanced mobile capabilities coming soon.

Its easy just open source the code of this project and dont try to trick us to tosca. That old “fat” product is already set to be exchanged for TestIM (You know I’m right!)

The Update Cycle of tosca is ridiculous slow and you mentiond it in the post → Just go to TestIM not Tosca nooo TestIM

The next one that dies will be tosca right? Great good to know thx and bye

Try looking into Kobiton

Will we be unable to use OpenSDK as well? Please let me know so that I can start planning early!