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Import coded tests and schedule/CI/SauceLabs


I have created few coded tests thanks to the TestProject SDK.

I red here that we can’t import them in the TestProject platform as coded test because we can execute them from the IDE directly and then we will still get the report on TestProject platform (which is fine).
Indeed, when I tried to import a jar file on testproject I got an error message “No code blocks discovered”.

My fear is that consequently we can’t enjoy all the Tetsproject platform features like schedule and CI/CD integration, right ? Or maybe there is another way to sync coded tests (created with the SDK) with the scheduling feature and CI/CD tools ? How can I run coded tests in SauceLabs if they are not on the TestProject platform ?

Basically the strategy that I imagined was to code tests in the IDE first, then import on TestProject, then manage them directly there. It could also allow a hybrid approach where some tests are recorded tests and other tests are imported as code.

Thank you.

You can upload coded tests written in C# and Java, follow this articles: