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Image Comparison Addon - Logging

Hello, I am getting an error when trying to compare element screenshot to a dropbox image. This step has worked in the past and randomly started failing. The error simply says “Failed to compare files, check your inputs”, which is completely unhelpful.

I have confirmed that the path to the file in dropbox is correct (hasn’t changed from when the step ran successfully), and that the element is found successfully on the page (also hasn’t changed).

For what it’s worth, the log shows a value of 0.0 in the “difference” output parameter.

Also, this is not the first time i’ve wished this addon had better error logging.

Any help figuring out what is going wrong would be helpful.

Thanks, Tim

Hi @tim.rendall.

Clearer error logging will be added in the next version of the addon.

As of now, nothing has been changed in the addon relating to the Dropbox actions, and I can see that it does seem to work on Firefox:

Can you try refreshing your O2Auth token from the Dropbox site?

If this does not work, are you using a Docker agent or running on Sauce Labs/BrowserStack?
If not, can you please link us to the site and element where this does not work?

We’ve updated the addon, please find the new version in the addon section.
It should now have better error messages.