I'm new to TestProject - why are people leaving?

I notice that there is talk on this forum about TestProject no longer being a good fit for some of you. Have the features become limited in any way or is there expectation that TestProject is going down?

I keep working with TestProject, but I’m aware of:

Official Statement from Tricentis:

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Thanks for sharing TestProject’s statement. I don’t see anything in their statement to suggest TestProject won’t continue to be offered, and they even state their focus is ensuring the product is secure and stable which sounds like they will continue to maintain the currently available feature set. Is that also your understanding?

yes, I hope they honor their statement.

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We are considering leaving because there is no support anymore, and because of the unannounced maintenances they have once in a while, without any communication.

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Stability is why i have been observing is not at all good in the past few weeks/months. The TestProject app is unavailable (under maintenance) very frequently for many hours, also after each maintenance window, mostly the previous Test Project agent gets unauthorized and we have to re-register a new agent to run the automation scripts, this is leading for me to think of a better Stable and Secure application.
If the TestProject remains stable and available, it is still a perfect tool.
@asaf.saar @eldar and Team at TestProject, you must have gotten enough feedback in the past weeks. And so hopefully, you are moving towards better stability and availability.

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It goes down for “maintenance” many times a day for me, and even when the agent shows as connected, it can’t even save many times. It definitely feels like an intentional deprecation to force people to pay for the service

@SNelson, after each maintenance I have the habit of deleting the old one and registering a new agent, and it has worked 100%