IF-Else logical operators in Test Recorder

hi, is there a way to put a logical operators in conditions for the Test Recorder? something like If(variableA = 1 || variableB = 2) .

i tried to create multiple conditions separately but this will result to a skipped test when executed.



Hi @Seira20,

You can do it with RegEx, please follow this example:

  1. First I will create a parameter and store this value, because we’ll need it for the the conditions later:

  2. I am using “Set value to a parameter” addon (for the example), I will store random value in B:

  3. In the conditions section I will put a parameter for example A=5 RegEx one of the “values”:

  4. That’s it, let me know if you managed, and if you have further questions please let me know :slight_smile:

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Thanks Alex, it solved my problem.

@Seira20 Great, happy to hear it helped you :slight_smile: