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IE11 Window Switching Issues

Hi there, I’ve setup a few tests using the recorder (which all work fine on Chrome/Firefox), but when I run them on IE it seems to have trouble switching to the pop-up window that had been opened and fails.

Any ideas how to resolve?

Hello @james.walsh.

Can you expand more on the issue?

What is the exact cause of failure? (You can check in the test report)
And what kind of pop-up window are you referring to?

Can you link us to the page where this happens and provide screenshots more details on the scenario?

Hi @david.goichman,

Basically I have a test case that switches to a second window when a button is pressed (e.g. press the edit button which pops open a second window). This all runs fine in my browsers, but IE11 will intermittently have problems where it says it succeeded in switching windows, but then fail the following step because it says the element can’t be found.

When I check the reasons it failed, it says ‘element couldn’t be found’ and the screenshot shows the original window (not the pop-up/second window), making me think it’s actually not swapping correctly after all.

It’s odd because it only happens about 30-50% of the time.

@james.walsh so the issue is with the window not appearing at times.

Have you checked if it is a timing issue perhaps by increasing the adaptive wait or introducing explicit wait times with pauses after the button press?

Is the button getting pressed? Perhaps something is causing interference on IE, you can try using Click (Using JavaScript instead).

Another idea would be to use the ‘Always Pass’ failure behavior to continue the test despite the window not appearing if possible.