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Identifying and selecting Greyed(Disabled) out Dropdown values

Hello, I need help with the following:

I have a dropdown in my application with dynamic values. Once a value is selected, that value in the dropdown is greyed out.

I want to do the following checks:

  1. The first time I see the dropdown, I want to select a non-greyed out value.
  2. After I have selected and submitted it, I want to validate that the value selected above is now greyed out.

Can somebody please help me with this.


Hello @diabolique.me
Do the greyed out dropdown items have any special attribute?
You can hover one of them in the recorder, press double shift, and inspect their attributes.
If they do have, we can make an action to randomly select one of the non greyed out ones, after selecting it, we can get the value which indicates they are greyed out, and validate that the value is present on the previously selected item

So this all depends if they have any special attribute which indicates if they are greyed out.