I wanted to know how to pull reports through Devops

Hi All,

I am doing integration of Test project with Azure Devops.In Azure Devops,I have created one pipeline and kept Test Project report pulling API Command in powershell script way .It is working fine

But i wanted to combine API command for getting execution state of specific state of current job and API command to get the latest report.Could someone help me what is condition to combine this two API.

API Command for getting Execution:

API Command for getting Latest report:

Condtion:I want a condition like As soon as we get state of particular job then the api related to report pulling should get triggered.

Can anyone combine above two api in power shell script format which satisifies above condition

Hello @gunadeep70 and welcome to our community!

you can use webhooks to set up your tests with Azure In this article:

you will see how to run a Job using Azure with webhooks, instead of running the Job, you can change the endpoint to get reports of the latest job, then you will be able to see if it passed or failed in azure.