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I want to select the current date from a calendar pop up

There is a scenario where I want to sort some data based on daily basis and for that I need to apply filter of today’s date by choosing it from the calendar pop up. Can someone please help, I’ve recently started using this tool and need help! Thanks in advance.

Hello @kaby.2624

It depends on your calendar but here I will show you an example on booking.com calendar.
First, use the Get the current DateTime action, and save the result to a parameter

Don’t forget to save the result to a parameter.
Then, use the Get the day of a month from a DateTime object:

Again, save the result to a parameter ( You can use the same parameter).

Now, let’s say I want to choose today which is 21:


Record a click on this element, go to the element locators:


And replace the ‘21’ with the parameter:





Make sure you remove the other locators that not based on the text.