I have problem with csv file, imported ... help me pls

when I download the data source csv it opens it with excell, after entering the data, I save it and convert it to csv, I load it on the data Source, then when I go to start debugging, it tells me “Failed to retrieve Data Source” … can someone help me please ??

Hi @vale,
On which action are you getting this error?
Can you please share the action details you putted to get the value from the csv file?

I downloaded by clicking on the 3 points beside the test “csvparameters template” after which he downloads the csv, delimiting the various parameters with commas.
for example, uner_name, password …
in this case I should put various names in the user_name column to see if it works, and the same for the password, so below I write admin, admin123, which would be user_name and password, then below I insert another 2 etc … then I load everything on data source I launch the test only the first row of the column works the second third etc. etc. they do not go, or it blocks or even if the user and pass are incorrect he tells me success

Hi Vale,

Make sure when you enter rows and save the file as CSV file. No need to convert. may be this will resolve this issue.

Thanks, PS

if i go to convert comma delimiter to column, test project doesn’t detect me.


Hi Vale,

Thats how I do it.

Create an Excel sheet add rows and format and then Save Excel Sheet as “SAVE AS” , then select

Hope this helps!


Its not working on me :frowning:

Hi @ghazimuwaffaq, are you experiencing the same issue?
can you please provide more details on the issue you are facing and where?

oh, for me too! how to deal with it…

I solved, by downloading another app, for reading the csv, because excel did not work, I downloaded “for windows” open office, now the reading of the csv file with the various parameters works great

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