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I cannot override project parameter using data source

Hi, I am trying to override Project parameters using data source but it keeps getting skipped when I run my test

The test structure I have is like this

Test 1
Use project parameter param_email, param_password

Test 2
Use Test 1
Some more steps

Test 2 → data source A

What I want to override is the project parameter I used in test 1 but I keep getting the skipped error message. Is this a current limitation or we can only override the parameters if we run the base test on which the parameter is originally is?

The current workaround I have is making all the parameters as test parameters instead.
This makes me create lots of test parameters instead of using a centralized one. This means when there is a change in one of the default value of the parameters, I need to change it in all of the tests I added it on.
I only changed one of my tests with this workaround, still hoping there is other ways for this but if not, I’ll just use this workaround again.