I can not run python generated code in robot framework

i can not run python generated code in robot framework i get the following error when i run the test:
Keyword ‘test_robotscripts.Test Main’ expected 1 argument, got 0

Hi @zeeshanmalik, Can you please share more information so that we can troubleshoot your issue?

so i generated the python code i called that code as python library in robot framework then in test case i call test_main and i get the above mentioned error.

This is code (part of the code) i get from testproject:

def test_main(self):
# Test Parameters
# Auto generated application URL parameter
# ApplicationURL = “https:myapp.com”

# 1. Navigate to '{ApplicationURL}'
# Navigates the specified URL (Auto-generated)
# driver.get(f'{ApplicationURL}')

# 2. Click 'q'
q = driver.find_element(By.CSS_SELECTOR,

Please follow the documentation here to create a test with robot framework.

the test is already generated by testproject code… i want to know how i can run that code in robot framework.

You need to create the code manually, as explained in the documentation.

So I’m assuming generated code can not be run in robot framework.

Not without changes. You have to modify it, rework, to robot framework, but it will be nice inspiration for writing because functionality should be the same.

Lets assume we modified the test to robot framework… how do you call that test in robot framework i am curious!