I am not able to connect iOS Device on Windows os

As I have added an agent on windows. Completed the Entire process which is on Page “https://docs.testproject.io/using-the-smart-test-recorder/mobile-testing/getting-started-with-ios-testing/ios-devices” but still the iOS device is not connected to the test project.io site. Will you please provide more solutions for the same?
My Windows version is “Windows 10 Pro”
My iOS device is iPhone XR

Hi @ashwini.undale and welcome to our community.
We believe that you did follow the steps in our guide to configure everything. However, we can’t validate or check that without your help.

Configurations of iOS settings have very sensitive information, such as :

  1. Type of certificate - only iOS App Development
  2. Type of Provisioning Profile - only iOS App Development
  3. Certificate bonded to Provisioning Profile - All or exactly the one was made specifically for TestProject from scratch
  4. Devices in Provisioning Profile - All physical devices that you want to use in your automation on TestProject

** Also configuration that you made might be revoked by Apple for some reason.

** TestProject only uses these configurations but doesn’t know and can’t get information about the status of your configurations in your Apple Developer Account - that is why we are asking to check again or do this from scratch.

** We can see in the agent logs error that in 99% of cases telling that something wrong with your iOS configurations.